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Price List

You´ll find our price lists below, where all listed prices include a professional instructor or Divemaster and a full set of rental equipment.

The selection displays, but is not limited to, our most popular programs and courses.
Can´t find what you are looking for? Don´t hesitate to write us your question!

All divers visiting The Gili island will be asked to make a one time contribution of 50,000 IDR for Gili Eco Trust. This non-profit association will use the collected donations on several different purposes.

Some of these projects include purchasing new moorings and buoys, biorock reef restoration, recycling program, managing organic waste on Gili T and providing free healthcare for local horses and cats. (if you want you can make this part in a slightly smaller size as this is not a mandatory rule on gili air).

There is no need to pay a deposit! To confirm your booking we only need the dates, your full name(s) and date(s) of birth.


10% Discount Available for:

Booking online
4+ divers in a group
5+ Fun Dives
Locals / Kitas Holders / Pro Divers
Divers with a full set of equipment

15% Discount Available for:
10+ Fun Dives

Beginners Courses

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Study Material
Discover Scuba Diving½ Day Experience. Pool + 1 dive900 000 IDRIncluded
Scuba Review½ Day Experience. Pool + 1 dive900 000 IDRIncluded
Bubble Maker1 pool dive for you from 8 years old900 000 IDRIncluded
Scuba Diver Course2 days/2 dives3 800 000 IDRIncluded
Scuba Diver to Open Water Upgrade2 days/2 dives + video/theory3 400 000 IDRIncluded
Open Water Course3 days/4 dives + video/theory5 500 000 IDRIncluded

Advanced Courses

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Study Material
Advanced Course2-3 days/5 dives4 500 000 IDRIncluded
Advanced Course inc. Nitrox2-3 days/5 dives6 000 000 IDRIncluded
Adventure Dives1 dive900 000 IDRIncluded
Adventure Dive: Night1 dive990 000 IDRIncluded

Rescue Courses

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Study Material
Rescue Course3 days/4 dives + video/theory5 500 000 IDRIncluded
Rescue Course & EFR4 days/4 dives + video/theory7 000 000 IDRIncluded
PADI EFR (Emergency First Response)1 day + video/theory2 000 000 IDRIncluded
SSI Respond Right1 day + video/theory1 700 000 IDRIncluded

Divemaster Course

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Study Material
Dive master Course4-12 weeks14 000 0004 000 000 IDR

Specialty Courses

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Study Material
Deep Specialty Course4 Dives4 100 000 IDRIncluded
Night Specialty Course3 Dives3 300 000 IDRIncluded
Navigation Specialty Course3 Dives3 300 000 IDRIncluded
Search & Recover Specialty Course4 Dives4 100 000 IDRIncluded
Perfect Buoyancy Speciality2 Dives2 500 000 IDRIncluded
Aware Shark Conservation Specialty Course2 Dives2 500 000 IDRIncluded
Nitrox Enrichied Air2 Dives2 800 000 IDRIncluded
Nitrox Enriched Air theory only0 Dives1 700 000 IDRIncluded

Course Packages

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Study Material
Advanced Course to Divemaster (No EFR)Variable22 000 000 IDR4 000 000 IDR
Advanced Course to Divemaster + EFRVariable23 500 000 IDR4 000 000 IDR
Rescue Course to Divemaster (No EFR)Variable18 000 000 IDR4 000 000 IDR
Rescue Course to Divemaster + EFRVariable19 900 000 IDR4 000 000 IDR

Book your dive or course online and receive a 10% discount

Book your dive or course online and receive a 10% discount

  • 5 star review  Vi hade Anna dom instruktör, Otroligt duktig på att lära ut och kändes väldigt tryggt alla stegen från genomgång i poolen till att faktiskt dyka på riktigt ute i havet! Rekommenderar verkligen att åka hit och ta sitt certifikat! 😀

    thumb Arne Karlsson

    Tog certifikat och gick även ner på 30 meter med Anna. Var lugnt och metodiskt så var inga problem att fixa de. Rekommenderas starkt.

    thumb Alexander Karlsson

    Super friendly people, and they're great instructors! I did my first dive in over 5 years with Gili Divers on Air, and it felt so comfortable. The dive was absolutely beautiful! 10/10!

    thumb Chris Forney
  • 5 star review  For us GDOA is a Top Dive School with enthusiastic and relaxed people, we started with 1 dive and ended up with 14. Micha, Tait, Christian and Sebastian thanks for the great diving, Anne and Greg for the hospitality. We hope that the damage after the earthquake will not be too bad and that you, as a company, will soon be back in business. Stay strong We will be back July 2019 for even more beautiful dives Nanta and John

    thumb Sjonnie van Gaans

    5 star review  L accueil est à la hauteur des fonds marin, juste incroyable. Pour les Français demandez Greg, c est le manager, il est a l écoute et fait tout pour mettre à l aise! Avec mes amis nous sommes allé plonger sur Secret Reef et Bounty Wreck et les explications étaient claires et précises avec beaucoup d humour! J étais déjà allé sur Gili T. mais la vraiment je sais que je ne reviendrai que sur Gili Air car c est le top! Meilleur Club de plongée d Indonésie pour sur!

    thumb Mickael Dayan

    5 star review  Will believe that Gili Divers on Air is the world's best place to get Open Water Diver certificate when you are a beginner. The staff and the surroundings are just great. Annie and her staff (Christian & Tait) were very professional and helpful, clear in their formulations so everyone understood the theory. All dives were carried out professionally with safety at the top, so everyone was very comfortable during each dive. It was a great diving experience that soon needs to be retested. Can only provide the best recommendations for diving with Gili Divers on Air.

    thumb Finn Westergaard
  • 5 star review  Fantastic company, owners, guides, and instructors. Very kind and helpful staff and most important - they are very professional������

    thumb Dennis Shik Christensen

    5 star review  Laidback but professional crew, with awesome people and a great atmosphere 👌👍 Enjoyed all the dives, and hangouts 👍😉

    thumb Simon Birk

    5 star review  Thanks for a lovely stay! Great team, spacious accomation and awesome scuba!

    thumb Bradley Jadir
  • 5 star review  We did our rescue diver here and absolutely loved it. Very professional crew before and during diving, very good relaxed atmosphere after the dive. The owners Greg and Annie run a tight ship (safety comes first and the quality of the gear is top notch). They always went for the best dive spots taking into account visibility, current and how crowded the spots tend to get at that time. Our dive instructor Sebastien Toro was simply amazing and somehow manages to keep a perfect balance between learning and fun. We stayed in a bungalow in the dive center itself and totally recommend. Spotless and the beds are very comfortable. Ry and Kyle are great managers and go the extra mile to make your stay unforgettable!

    thumb Tom Danau

    5 star review  Thanks for the amazing dives this week ���we have had a blast! Can’t wait to return c&n

    thumb Carolyn Palmer

    5 star review  Did the open water here in March. The staff were so friendly and helpful even though I can’t really swim. Definitely going to come back for my advanced.

    thumb Ry Klose
  • 5 star review  Small dive shop but experienced instructors passionated about their jobs 🙂

    thumb Barbie Ragougnia

    5 star review  Thanks for the wonderful experience under water on gili air. everything was perfect for me on my first deep dive and night dive. i felt very safe and in good hands.

    thumb Mathias Jäger

    5 star review  Great place, great people!

    thumb Morten Lund Hansen
  • 5 star review  Best Dive Shop on Gili Air!😊 The Dive Shop is small and very personal. All of the Instructors and the rest of the Team are very helpful, welcoming and professionel. Especially Instructor Anna and Greg who also manage the place do their best to find every single customer the best dive site to suit their experience and dive level. The groups are small and all the Guides and Instructors are very professionel, patient and have always a smile on their face and you can always come to them with any question you may have about diving. You feel always comfortable and safe with Gili Divers on Air. I can highly recommend them for any level from beginners to Pro's they will make your day and you will have a wonderful experience diving around the Gili Islands!

    thumb Melanie Kaiser

    5 star review  I had a great experience at Gili Divers On Air! It was my first time scuba diving down to 12m and therefore I was quite nervous and excited. Annie, our instructor today, explained everything very well and I could ask questions whenever I was unsure if I understood right. After the theoretical part we went to the pool, where I had enough time to practise and try again. After that we had a look at the fish we could probably see and the respective hand signs for each type of fish and went to the boat. We had 41mins and during the whole time I could hold her hand to calm and guide me. It was a great experience and I would highly suggest them, you will not regret it!

    thumb Shirin Bär

    5 star review  An amazing place where you feel comfortable and safe. Very knowledgeable staff who explain the theory and safety so it’s easy to understand, learn and put into practice.

    thumb Samuel Barney
  • 5 star review  Verry Nice diving experience @ gilidiversonair! Anne is a Verry good instructor School is small and personall They really take time for their custommers! Beside this the dives were awesome!

    thumb Herbert Bosch

    5 star review  Great and helpful staff who were all really friendly. Amazing diving sites, every time we went somewhere different. Highly recommended

    thumb Hannah Parry-Jones

    5 star review  I dived 3 days with Victoria. An Amazing experience, very personalized and well organized. I would choose Gili Divers in Air again!!

    thumb Paloma Del Villar
  • 5 star review  Great dive centre! Very personable and friendly...even changes dive sites to accommodate not going to the same place as the other dive centres. Was also nice to have someone with connections to my part of the world as well

    thumb Mike Horne

    5 star review  Super équipe, très sérieuse, mes amis ont adoré leur passage de niveau 2 et mon baptême m'a bien aidé à passer au dessus de grosse peur ! La sécurité est au rdv, la bonne humeur aussi, on reviendra sans hésitation !

    thumb Axelle Mathieu-Clodet

    5 star review  Great place to go if you are feeling a bit nervous about diving and want great support! I had never dived before and was not even sure that I wanted to try it; I wasn't sure whether I would enjoy the experience or feel comfortable enough. I spoke to Greg and Annie in the shop and they reassured me that with the right training and support anyone can enjoy diving. So I booked to do a Discover Scuba afternoon course; this involves a bit of theory, some training and practise in the pool, and then on to the actual dive. The theory was well explained and enough to give us a basic understanding of the equipment and of the changes that occur in your body when you dive and how to manage them. We were also told about all the amazing marine life in the spot we would be going to. In the pool we got to grips with wearing the equipment, breathing properly and swimming comfortably underwater. Greg made sure we understood everything and that we were all feeling confident enough to progress to the dive. Off we went! I had felt great in the pool but once we were truly underwater and in the sea I felt a bit more nervous, Greg saw this without me even having to signal to him, and held onto my hand and guided me through the dive, whilst also leading another new diver and also monitoring how the other two in our group were getting along. With Greg's support I felt completely safe and was able to see some amazing sights, including a turtle, barracuda, puffer fish, sea slugs, garden eels, and much more. Gili Divers on Air only ever have small groups when you are learning, I think this is very important and believe you can get far more tailored support here than at any of the other bigger schools. I would recommend these guys to anyone who has never dived before, and also to experts alike (my boyfriend is doing his training to be an Advanced Diver with them)

    thumb Liberty Guthrie
  • 5 star review  Great Diving School! A specially the instructions of Camilla are very useful. On top of that I've always felt save and I'm glad to be a part of the gili divers on air family now.

    thumb Gerson Kerinnes

    5 star review  Nice instructors and new equipment. Feels like diving with family

    thumb Felix Ley

    5 star review  Had 2 dives with them. Wonderful experience and so personal.

    thumb Rene Fuderer
  • 5 star review  Just finished my advanced course with gili divers on air. My dive Instructor Romi, really took her time with me! Great personal attention to make me feel comfortable!! It was only us in de group! I had a great experience! Nice divesites we visited! And for me the best was not to be in the boat Or a group with lots of people 🙂

    thumb Yvonne Heijnen

    5 star review  Now an SSI certified advanced diver with the help from Gili Divers on Air. The team we're so friendly, helpful and supportive. Highly recommend this place to anyone thinking about diving and even got my girlfriend to do her Open Water course. She was terrified before but the guys here made it easy and exciting for her! Thanks again to the whole team �

    thumb Ian Dalby

    5 star review  I did my advanced diver with this wonderful dive school in June 2017. It was very personal and I felt very welcome and safe. They have very small groups and I think I learned so much and felt so much more comfortable under water, even after the first dive. The underwater world is the most incredible one. So the only problem you have is, that you don't want to go up again or leave the island 😉 So all in all, I couldn't think of a better place to go diving! Thank you so much Annie!!!

    thumb Marie Cuja
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