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Go pro with Gili Divers on Air!

Here at Gili Divers on Air we have a very active and popular Divemaster education program. With some candidates always at various stages of the Divemaster course there is always company at the same level.

Our Divemaster course has a strong emphasis on gaining real practical experience in the water in real world situations. The diving environment around The Gili Islands generally has very good visibility and the water is warm all year around. However it is quite dynamic and has depth. This enables divemaster candidates to gain experience with current, drift and deep dive scenarios with 30m+ visibility, not just cocktail diving conditions.

We recommend our divemaster trainees to spend as long as possible with us to gain the maximum from the course by diving alongside our instructors and divemasters. Even when the performance requirements have been met for the course candidates are encouraged to continue gaining experience until they find work or need to leave. Almost all trainees are offered work after completing the course here at Gili Divers or by other dive shops on Gili Air, Gili Trawangan or even Gili Meno.

All students are assigned their own mentor to oversee their progress throughout the course and to maintain consistency. However candidates will accompany many of our professionals while they are teaching and guiding divers in order to see all the different approaches used.

The first required achievement to start on the Divemaster course is 40 logged dives. If you do not have the required number of dives you will complete them here on the island while you get started on the theory, refining your personal diving skills, practicing swimming etc.

Once you have 40 dives logged the course will start properly, with accompanying instructors on full range of courses from introduction dives through to Rescue Diver courses. Whilst doing this you will begin with skill circuit practice and lectures ranging from physics to dive equipment. Our team of multinational instructors are very helpful when it comes to the finer points of theory.

Having built experience and confidence you will begin to conduct supervised briefings and guiding on various courses with your instructor, in time finishing your theory and lectures and finally become a signed off PADI Divemaster or a SSI Dive Con Specialist.

As a Divemaster trainee you are highly recommended to have at least your own mask, fins, surface marker and a dive computer as these are the essentials in the diving world and make your experience much easier. If you do not have these items already Gili Divers on Air has a wide range of equipment available for you. As a DMT you will receive a 15% discount of all retail purchased through the shop.


In regards to the time frame, we would recommend approximately 8 weeks of training, even if both shorter and longer courses are possible to fit individual needs.

Finding long term accommodation here on Gili Air is reasonably easy and costs around 3.000.000 IDR per month for a room with ensuite bathroom and air conditioning. When you arrive we will help you to find the right place to stay during your training.

We offer the option of splitting the Divemaster course over 2 or 3 visits to Gili Air as some people do not have sufficient time free to complete the course during a single visit.

A payment plan can be arranged depending on the time spent and when you would like to revisit.
Also if for any reason the course cannot be completed, a referral will be given so you can complete the course at another location.

Embarking on the Divemaster course is a significant undertaking so we kindly ask you to contact us at least by email to go over your concerns and options.

Prices & Packages

PADI Divemaster course alone costs 18.500.000 IDR, including the PADI materials. The SSI Dive Con Specialist costs the same for both the course and the materials, however the SSI course materials are all online.

If you need to complete more courses before the Divemaster, we have some great dive packages available!
Popular choices are listed below, more are available in our Pricelist

Advanced Open Water, EFR, Rescue Diver, Divemaster (incl. Crew-pak) – 29.800.000 IDR
EFR, Rescue Diver, Divemaster (incl. Crew-pak) – 25.900.000 IDR
Rescue Diver, Divemaster (incl. Crew-pak) – 23.900.000 IDR

We also have optional upgrade deals available. For example:

Add on Deep/Nitrox Specialty courses to Divemaster course for 5.500.000 IDR

Book your dive or course online and receive a 10% discount

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