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Advanced Open Water Course

The advanced open water course is designed to expose you to more challenging diving conditions and activities whilst under the supervision of an experienced instructor. The goal is to make you a better diver by increasing your confidence and independence as a recreational diver. In order to start the course the candidate must already be an open water diver, qualified to dive to 18 meters.

The advanced course consists of 5 dives over a 2-3day period. The course is very much about diving and does not have the amount of theory as the Open Water Diver course does, it´s all about learning by doing!

The only mandatory adventure dive is the Deep Dive so you will have another 4 elective dives to choose from to make it five. The Advanced Open Water Diver license results in a qualification to dive down to 30 meters.


Deep Adventure Dive is one of the two core dives of the Advanced Course. As you learned during your Open Water course, there are a number of factors to keep in mind and procedures to observe in order to stay safe when we go deeper than 18 meters.

The presence of your instructor offers security the first time you venture deep enough to experience increased air consumption and the potential of Nitrogen Narcosis.


The second of the two core dives in the Advanced Open Water course. Navigation is the adventure dive about skills of knowing were you are. It may seem like magic to you when your Divemaster takes you on a long dive and finishes exactly back were you started. But it isn’t that. With the Navigation Dive and the continued use of the navigation skills you learn during the course you will gain a lot of confidence in your location.

Peak Performance Buoyancy

The pure purpose of this adventure dive is to work on your buoyancy skills to the point that you will notice a significant improvement in your air consumption. You will also be able to get far closer to your target if you are a photographer without disturbing the environment. Better buoyancy control means better dives!

Drift Adventure Dive

We are fortunate here on Gili Air to have many sites around which are perfect for drift diving. If you have never done it before you will probably find it quite exciting! The basic skills of current check, negative water entry, reef hook deployment, taking advantage of current eddies, the difference in buddy procedures and surface marker buoy deployment are all covered.

Adventure Night Dive

Why go scuba diving at night? Because it’s very exciting and offer you the opportunity of seeing a lot of species which you will only ever see at night. The different buddy procedures, entry/exit procedures, light handling and navigation skills required are covered in detail.

Search & Recovery Adventure Dive

Once dropped in the sea things tend to stay lost. If you choose this adventure dive we will show you some of the techniques for locating items and bringing them back to the surface. Good navigation skills are vital for success.

Underwater Photography

During this dive you will learn about composition camera care, use of light framing and red balance and much more. We will also teach you some extra buoyancy skills required to significantly improve your underwater photos.

Fish ID

Everyone wonders what species of animal some of the things we see while diving are, and what the name of particular fishes are. With this dive we will teach you how to identify species, their habits and how to find the common names of a number of animals.

Dive computer

We will provide you with a dive computer and show you how you can safely increase your bottom time. The do’s and don’ts of computer usage are covered along with some advice on selecting a suitable model if you choose to purchase one in the future.

Wreck Adventure Dive

The procedures for diving on wrecks vary considerable from reef diving, mainly because of the potential overhead environment. The Wreck Adventure Dive will highlight the most important safety aspects whilst you experience one of two wrecks around the Gilis.

Intro to Nitrox Adventure Dive

We will explain the advantages of diving with Nitrox and how to calculate your increased bottom time with a dive computer. After the theory you will breathe nitrox for a full dive. Your first dive on mixed gas.

NOTE! If you wanted to get certified as a Nitrox Diver the same time, you could get these two licenses at one go, just by adding some theory and an exam for the cost of only 1,500,000 IDR.

Book your dive or course online and receive a 10% discount

Book your dive or course online and receive a 10% discount

  • positive review  Un grand merci à toute l'equipe et une spéciale dédicace à Marion qui a été géniale avec nous, pour un bapteme et un refresh, nous nous sommes sentis très à l'aise grace à toi, même si nous sommes passé à côté du requin baleine sans l'apercevoir 😋😉nous avons fait une plongée exceptionnelle !!! MERCI 🙏

    thumb Sophie Mnl

    positive review  We did our dive master training in Gili Divers on Air and couldn't be happier. We assisted courses, had theory lessons, pool sessions and lots and lots of great dives. Annie and Greg run the shop with great care and joy, and it was always a pleasure just hanging out in the shop (especially with the cats and later also kittens!!). It didn't feel like going to work but more like being with family, an amazing and wierd diving family! The team has great knowledge about everything from diving equipment and different fish behaviour to how to guide the dive sites according to your level. We also really appreciate their respect for the marine life and the way they pass their knowledge on to others. One of the best things, apart from everything we learned and all the dives we did, is the laughs we shared. We had so many inside jokes that it's actually hard to now function around other people. Reading this, it's easy to understand why this was our third time back, and why we are already planning to return.

    thumb Eira Göransson

    positive review  Amazing experience for our first dive thanks to Greg and his professionalism!

    thumb Laetitia Convert
  • positive review  A great experience!! First dive of my life and it was amazing! Thanks to the friendly and experienced staff who takes perfectly care of you. Turtle Heaven in Gili is really a great spot to dive.

    thumb Elena Bonaccorsi

    positive review  Over all great experience !

    thumb Sebastien Beaudoin

    positive review  If you want an amazing and comfortable dive experience.... you need to drop into Gili Divers on Air and say hi to Greg, Annie, Amanda and Eria!!!!

    thumb Alton Langmaid
  • positive review  It was an amazing Adventure and an unforgettable day. Thanks to Annie, Greg and all the staff for making feel us very comfortable during our first dive. See you again.

    thumb Irina Schroeder-Beck

    positive review  Had the best diving experience thanks to Gili Divers on Air. I felt very safe and relaxed through all the dives and thoroughly enjoyed my time! Thank you so much Annie, Amanda and Eria! 🐢

    thumb Imogen Day

    positive review  Trevliga dykinstruktörer bra dykning

    thumb Jane Svedel Behlin
  • positive review  Eigentlich wollte ich nur einen Test Dive machen und es hat mir so gut gefallen, dass ich ich mich entschlossen habe, doch meine Tauchlizens ( Open Water) zu machen :). Ich war zuvor noch nie tauchen und alle, die es vorhaben oder darüber nachdenken, denen kann ich es nur empfehlen. Es ist ein atemberaubendes Erlebnis! Annie ist eine super Tauchlehrerin, sie hat alles mit Ruhe, Gelassenheit Einfühlungsvermögen und Humor erklärt. Ich hab mich immer gut aufgehoben gefühlt und ihren Fähigkeiten beim tauchen vertraut. Sie liebt das tauchen und genau das lebt sie auch und gibt es an ihre Tauchschüler weiter, was mich sehr beeindruckt hat. Eine super tolle Erfahrung, würde ich jederzeit wieder in dieser Tauchschule machen. Tausend Dank für diese unvergessliche Erfahrung und alles Gute für euch💗! LG, Mareike

    thumb Mareike Schulz

    5 star review  Did my first dive today! I feld super safe en enjoyed the dive. The instructor was cool and very comforting. The group was only me and my friend, so that was nice aswell. Saw beautiful animals. Going for a second dive tomorrow!

    thumb Pauline Siemensma

    5 star review  Vi hade Anna dom instruktör, Otroligt duktig på att lära ut och kändes väldigt tryggt alla stegen från genomgång i poolen till att faktiskt dyka på riktigt ute i havet! Rekommenderar verkligen att åka hit och ta sitt certifikat! 😀

    thumb Arne Karlsson
  • positive review  Tog certifikat och gick även ner på 30 meter med Anna. Var lugnt och metodiskt så var inga problem att fixa de. Rekommenderas starkt.

    thumb Alexander Karlsson

    positive review  Super friendly people, and they're great instructors! I did my first dive in over 5 years with Gili Divers on Air, and it felt so comfortable. The dive was absolutely beautiful! 10/10!

    thumb Chris Forney

    5 star review  For us GDOA is a Top Dive School with enthusiastic and relaxed people, we started with 1 dive and ended up with 14. Micha, Tait, Christian and Sebastian thanks for the great diving, Anne and Greg for the hospitality. We hope that the damage after the earthquake will not be too bad and that you, as a company, will soon be back in business. Stay strong We will be back July 2019 for even more beautiful dives Nanta and John

    thumb Sjonnie van Gaans
  • 5 star review  L accueil est à la hauteur des fonds marin, juste incroyable. Pour les Français demandez Greg, c est le manager, il est a l écoute et fait tout pour mettre à l aise! Avec mes amis nous sommes allé plonger sur Secret Reef et Bounty Wreck et les explications étaient claires et précises avec beaucoup d humour! J étais déjà allé sur Gili T. mais la vraiment je sais que je ne reviendrai que sur Gili Air car c est le top! Meilleur Club de plongée d Indonésie pour sur!

    thumb Mickael Dayan

    5 star review  Will believe that Gili Divers on Air is the world's best place to get Open Water Diver certificate when you are a beginner. The staff and the surroundings are just great. Annie and her staff (Christian & Tait) were very professional and helpful, clear in their formulations so everyone understood the theory. All dives were carried out professionally with safety at the top, so everyone was very comfortable during each dive. It was a great diving experience that soon needs to be retested. Can only provide the best recommendations for diving with Gili Divers on Air.

    thumb Finn Westergaard

    5 star review  Fantastic company, owners, guides, and instructors. Very kind and helpful staff and most important - they are very professional������

    thumb Dennis Shik Christensen
  • 5 star review  Laidback but professional crew, with awesome people and a great atmosphere 👌👍 Enjoyed all the dives, and hangouts 👍😉

    thumb Simon Birk

    5 star review  Thanks for a lovely stay! Great team, spacious accomation and awesome scuba!

    thumb Bradley Jadir

    5 star review  We did our rescue diver here and absolutely loved it. Very professional crew before and during diving, very good relaxed atmosphere after the dive. The owners Greg and Annie run a tight ship (safety comes first and the quality of the gear is top notch). They always went for the best dive spots taking into account visibility, current and how crowded the spots tend to get at that time. Our dive instructor Sebastien Toro was simply amazing and somehow manages to keep a perfect balance between learning and fun. We stayed in a bungalow in the dive center itself and totally recommend. Spotless and the beds are very comfortable. Ry and Kyle are great managers and go the extra mile to make your stay unforgettable!

    thumb Tom Danau
  • 5 star review  Thanks for the amazing dives this week ���we have had a blast! Can’t wait to return c&n

    thumb Carolyn Palmer

    5 star review  Did the open water here in March. The staff were so friendly and helpful even though I can’t really swim. Definitely going to come back for my advanced.

    thumb Ry Klose

    5 star review  Small dive shop but experienced instructors passionated about their jobs 🙂

    thumb Barbie Ragougnia
  • 5 star review  Thanks for the wonderful experience under water on gili air. everything was perfect for me on my first deep dive and night dive. i felt very safe and in good hands.

    thumb Mathias Jäger

    5 star review  Great place, great people!

    thumb Morten Lund Hansen

    5 star review  Best Dive Shop on Gili Air!😊 The Dive Shop is small and very personal. All of the Instructors and the rest of the Team are very helpful, welcoming and professionel. Especially Instructor Anna and Greg who also manage the place do their best to find every single customer the best dive site to suit their experience and dive level. The groups are small and all the Guides and Instructors are very professionel, patient and have always a smile on their face and you can always come to them with any question you may have about diving. You feel always comfortable and safe with Gili Divers on Air. I can highly recommend them for any level from beginners to Pro's they will make your day and you will have a wonderful experience diving around the Gili Islands!

    thumb Melanie Kaiser
  • 5 star review  I had a great experience at Gili Divers On Air! It was my first time scuba diving down to 12m and therefore I was quite nervous and excited. Annie, our instructor today, explained everything very well and I could ask questions whenever I was unsure if I understood right. After the theoretical part we went to the pool, where I had enough time to practise and try again. After that we had a look at the fish we could probably see and the respective hand signs for each type of fish and went to the boat. We had 41mins and during the whole time I could hold her hand to calm and guide me. It was a great experience and I would highly suggest them, you will not regret it!

    thumb Shirin Bär

    5 star review  An amazing place where you feel comfortable and safe. Very knowledgeable staff who explain the theory and safety so it’s easy to understand, learn and put into practice.

    thumb Samuel Barney

    5 star review  Verry Nice diving experience @ gilidiversonair! Anne is a Verry good instructor School is small and personall They really take time for their custommers! Beside this the dives were awesome!

    thumb Herbert Bosch
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